Awe Inspiring Alaska

Once seen as a frigid wasteland, Alaska is now drawing tourists from all over the world, primarily the United States, because it is a place now recognized for its awe-inspiring beauty. One Alaskan vacation doesn’t necessarily look like the next. The state is so massive that it is possible to spend days, weeks or months exploring it and relaxing in nature’s majesty as well.

One route Alaskan tourists can take is booking a guided tour. There are several reputable, knowledgeable tour guide companies that will work with your flight arrangements, help you find accommodations, and assist in your transportation needs. For most tour packages, all of the accommodations are included in the price, and some of the meals are included, too, making these packages a really good deal for couples or families.

Popular destinations in Alaska include Anchorage and Denali National Park. Anchorage is a large city that houses museums, a performing arts center, and a Saturday market and fair. But there’s also easy access to the natural wonders of Alaska. The head of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, an 11-mile paved sightseeing trail, is accessible from Anchorage. This trail is kid friendly, too, so everyone will find something to enjoy. Denali National Park is home to Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America and a sight you must see if you visit Alaska.

Fairbanks, Seward, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Whittier are other popular Alaskan destinations. Fairbanks is the sight of an annual craft and cultural festival each year, and it’s also a great place to experience the famous Northern Lights. Each destination has its unique traits and can be combined in any number of ways to create your perfect vacation.

Any time of year is a great time to vacation in Alaska, although fall is especially beautiful because of the changing leaves backed by snow-capped mountains. Tours can be booked especially for viewing the kaleidoscope of colors in the fall. There are also many opportunities to do interesting things that you wouldn’t get to do anywhere else – dog sledding, glacier jetboating and gold panning, just to name a few.

As you might guess, lodges are popular accommodations in Alaska. So are private cottages that provide a quiet, romantic atmosphere. Throughout the state, there are also hotels, motels and inns which offer a variety of amenities including spas and indoor pools. Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks both offer lodging within the parks, from camping to luxury suites. So no matter what your lodging preferences, Alaska has something you’ll love.

You might think that just because Alaska isn’t part of the contiguous United States that it’s out of touch with what makes an amazing dining experience. You’d be thinking wrong. Of course, there’s a restaurant serving fresh fish and seafood everywhere you look, but there’re more. Asian and Italian influences can be seen in many restaurants, and Alaska is home to several breweries that also happen to serve some amazing food. For adventurers, there’s even an island restaurant that is only accessible by boat.

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