Travel Tips

Here is a list of 25 essentials you should consider packing when planning to travel.

  1. Pack a First Aid Kit
  2. Pack a hat
  3. Pack extra cash in different places so you know where to find it when you need it
  4. Pack a re-useable water bottle
  5. Pack your camera charger
  6. Pack an extra USB charger
  7. Pack extra batteries for your phone and camera
  8. Pack a journal and pen
  9. Pack a dry shampoo (you’ll thank me later)
  10. Pack sunscreen
  11. Pack a travel towel
  12. Pack extra socks and underwear
  13. Pack a map of the place your going
  14. Pack a book to read
  15. Pack earphones and earplugs
  16. Pack a sleep mask
  17. Pack a flashlight
  18. Pack comfy shoes
  19. Pack shower shoes
  20. Pack a jacket
  21. Pack clothes you would normally wear (resist packing clothes you haven’t worn yet)
  22. Pack and carry a small toilet paper roll, just in case
  23. Pack Imodium, another just in case
  24. Pack a dry pack to keep your electronics safe from water
  25. Most importantly pack light and have fun!