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Come and Visit Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a reputation for being more authentically “Mexican” than other resort areas. Each is nice, depending on what you’re looking for, but Puerto Vallarta combines the luxuries of a modern resort area with an old world feel that is laid back and relaxed.

There’s everything you’d imaging that a beach destination to have in Puerto Vallarta: hotels, luxury resorts, water and non-water activities, excursions and shopping. But somehow, Puerto Vallarta does all that while still reminding guests that they are in the heart of Mexico.

As a city of over 300,000, Puerto Vallarta distinguishes itself as a place where the local flavor is the key to the area’s charm. Thousands of visitors go to Puerto Vallarta each year to mix and mingle in the music, food and cultural events there, while still enjoying modern activities such as go-karts, scuba diving and parasailing.

The beaches at Puerto Vallarta – all 40 of them – are worth the trip. From smooth, sandy beaches to rocky coves that beg to be explored, Puerto Vallarta has a beach to suit every visitor. Los Muertos is the most popular beach and the one that is what most visitors expect of a beach destination.

Nearby is the heart of Old Town. Here you will find both locals and tourists enjoying the sun, participating in fun water activities such as banana boat rides. Shopping and dining are close by (just off the beach, actually), and many Puerto Vallarta hotels are located on this beach.

For fewer crowds, guests should visit one of the north beaches such as Playa de Oro, Destilladeras, or Los Venaderos. They are far less traveled by tourists, but there are still some activities available at each, and the views are incredible.

Other activities include zip-lining and swimming with dolphins, which are fun and amazing for both kids and adults. Because tours and excursions are readily available from many vendors, prices for these activities are relatively low in Puerto Vallarta. Sailing, fishing and snorkeling are a few more of the water activities in Puerto Vallarta. Golf and tennis are both popular sports in Puerto Vallarta, so finding a place to play either isn’t hard at all.

Are outdoor sports and water activities just not your thing? That’s ok, too! Puerto Vallarta has plenty to offer indoors. The shopping is unbelievably diverse in the downtown area, which is literally lined with shops and specialty stores. You can find everything there: jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, health and beauty products, gourmet foods, cigars and cell phone stores.

And the dining can keep you busy without ever setting foot on a beach. Many types of restaurants – not just Mexican – are found in Puerto Vallarta, including all kinds of international dining, seafood, and authentic Spanish restaurants. Most restaurants are open air and offer live music, which will provide a smooth transition from dinner to dancing and partying at one of the many discos and nightclubs in the area. Many are open until 4, 5 or even 6 am.

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